What is mind and how it works?

Hum jab bhi kisi se jagda ya argument karte hain to usually kehte hai ki “mind your own business”

But jyada tar logo ko yeh hi pata nahi hota ki MIND aakhir hain kya aur mind ko kaise control kare? Aur ye kis tarah se work karta hain?

Agar aap apne mind ko control karna chahte hain to i insist you to read full post.

Ye post mein, maine MIND ko kis tarah se jaana hain wo share kiya hain.

P.S : i am not a scientist or a spiritual guru, this is what i believe about my MIND. But I insist you to read full post and then come to any conclusion. May be you get what you are looking for .


In simple words i can tell you that MIND is a space within us.( mind humare andar ki chupi ek khali jagah hain jaha hum apne thought ko rehne ki jagah dete hain ) (OK DONT’T TAKE THIS LITTRALLY TAKE THIS AS AN EXAMPLE)


Thoda practical sochte hain.

Humari body five elements se bani hain aur us body ko stable rakhta hain humara BRAIN.

And MIND is home of our thoughts. (mann humare cvicharo ka ghar hain)

Now, aage badhne se pehle ye jaan na bahut jaruri hain ki THOUGHTS kya hain.

So, our thought basically contains two things. First is emotion and second is imagination.

Aapke thoughts aur aapke emotion aapke past experiences se influence ( prabhavit ) hokar aate hain.

Now, the interesting thing is aap aapke mind mein (jo ek empy space hain) waha ek time pe sirf ek thought ko hi jagah de sakte ho. (now this is something deep. I want you to think and analyze this deeply) TAKE YOUR TIME..

Abhi aapne apne mindspace mein kisi thought ko jagah dedi now your brain start taking action on that thought.

I will give you an easy example: Socho ki aap duniya ki sabse unchi buiding par khade ho aur girne wale ho.

To is time par aapke thought me darr ka emotion honga aur ek buiding ka imagination honga.


Now, aapka brain us thought pe action lena start karega aur aapke past experiences ke upper se aapko wo  waha se bachne ke ideas dega.

Agar aapko height se darr nahi lagta to aapka us time pe emotion alag honga par agar aapko height se darr lagta hain to aapka brain us situation ko analyze karke aapko waha se kaise nikla jaaye uske ideas dena shuru karenga.

Now, aapka intelligence( aapki buddhi ) aapko in sab ideas mein se best idea choose karne mein help karengi.

Please note: aapke intelligence aapke life ke experiaces pe based hoti hain.

Aur end mein aap apni intelligence ki help se koi idea choose karte hain aur us par aap action lete hain.

This is how MIND+BRAIN+BODY process works on your thoughts.

Now, humari life mein jo sabse badi problem hain wo ye hain ki hum apne thought consciously nahi choose karte, jyda tar thoughts external sources se influence hoke aate hain.

Par aap ye kahonge ki sab thought to bahar ke world ko dekh ke hi aate hain?

You are absolutely right.

But hum agar chahe to to apne intelligence use karke consciously thought choose kar sakte hai jo normmaly log nahi kar paate.

Jyda tar log external sources ko apne upper haavi hone dete hain aur kisi bhi thoughts ko apne mind mein jagah de dete hain aur phir us thoughts ke hissab se wo apni life action lete hain aur us action ke hisaab se unko results milte hain.

Agar aapko sach mein life me aage badhana hain uske liye aapko apne mind mein kisi bhi faltu thoughts jo aapke liye thik nahi hain use jyda waqt tak apni mind mein nahi rehne dena chahiye.

Jitni jaldi bane use apne mind se nikale aur wohi thought ko jagah do jise tum actual mein dena chahte ho.


Humare mind mein ek time mein sirf ek thoughts reh sakta hain aur wohi  thought ko humara brain analyze karta hain aur humare past experiences ke upper se humara  intelligence action choose karta hain jise hum simple term mein (karma process ) bhi keh sakte hain.

Aur isi tarah hum apni life mein decision leke aage badhte hain.

Agar aapko apni life mein sach mein aage badhna hain to aapko aapne mind mein soch  samaj ke thoughts ko jagah deni padegi.

I know this is hard but not impossible.

Agar aap kisi bhi chiz se influence  hoke aur soche bina koi bhi thought ko apne mind mein rehne  donge to aapko us thoughts ke hisaab se hi results milenge.

 “I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

(i hope i make it clear.) still confuse?

Don’t worry you can ask me directly at HERE

What do you think?

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