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Be the change you wish to see in the world- this quote by Mahatma Gandhi is revolutionary but there is another quote which says “quote won’t work unless you do”.

We live in a world where people want a change but very few have the courage to step forward and start working for it.

The one asset that world have is youth. Especially in India, 60% of the population is below 30 years.(Source)

But the majority of the youth is driving themselves on the wrong path. Most of them are addicted to drugs and alcohol, wasting most of their time in chasing opposite sex, Watching porn and so many things that they tag as “cool” stuff.

No, my friend if you are wasting your most of the time in those things it means you are a fool and yes you have to admit it.

Truth is always bitter.

Just once go stand front of the mirror and ask yourself only one question.

“Am I living the life I want to live?”

If yes then close this tab and continue with your life. But if NO then please read till the end. It will only take 3min.

Look, my friend, life has only one rule: Live, before it leaves you.
Now if you are one of those who always complain about situation and circumstances and always make excuses then you need to understand one simple thing:

You are not unlucky and you are not the only one who facing uncertainty of life.



Shits happen with everyone, and sometimes, something happens that you can’t even imagine that, it will happen to you.

I know how it feels when life hits us, it broke us down but that does not mean that life will never help us to gain ourselves again. Life is always there for us; you just need to take the call what you want from it.

Another question trend in youth is:

What is my dream? What is my passion? How to know what my heart really wants? Like that

This is good if you are on this stage of your life where you don’t know what you want to do. I think this is the best time for you. Just don’t waste your time in wondering around these questions.

Go out explore things, invest your time in something meaningful, something that makes you a better human being.

Life will unfold every answer that you are looking for.

Remember three things :

  1. Choose the path that worth your life’s time
  2. Keep going, shit happens, learn from it
  3. Focus on the process, not on the result

Thank you to read.

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