Welcome.. Welcome.. Welcome..

Hello Hi Namaskar , Udit here

So, you are finally here.

You know? I am waiting for you.

No, i am not kidding, seriously i am waiting for you.

You don’t know how much you mean to me.

Just think in this 7 billion+ world and this trillion WebPages on internet you choose this place to visit..

So, uske liye DIL se THANK YOU..

Let me share about myself.

My name is udit rathod. I write poems, stories, reviews and MY HEART here.

Let me share my life story and my achievement.

So, my life story is about my pen and paper and my biggest achievement is you reading this right now.

That’s it, i am very happy with this..

Professnolly i am a digital marketing analyst; and this is whole different part of me where i only talk about data,data and data.. and you know this is actually  fun work

Aakhir mein apni do lines keh kar apni baat khatam karunga:

              परत दर परत खुरेद रहा हु खुदको. अपने आप से वाकिफ करा रहा हु खुदको

            एक नयी कलम के साथ एक नया पन्ना लेकर, फिरसे लिखने की कोशिश कर रहा हु खुदको.

Aasha hain aap meri is koshish mein mera saath donge. Chalo abhi ke liye alvida. Bahut aaccha laga aap yaaha aaye. Ab jab apko mera pata mil hi gaya hain to  roz aate rehna.

Aur agar aapko bhi mere jaise pata bhul jaane ki aadat hain to aapke Ye newslatter subscribe kar lo, ye aapko mera pata yaad dilwata rehega. J

See you soon – UDit